5 ways to start using WordPress as an eCommerce site

In this article I will tell you how to start using WordPress as an ecommerce site. Maybe you are planning to start an online store where you will sell products or digital downloads. And you love WordPress like I do. Then why not build your new ecommerce site in WordPress? If you already have a WordPress site and want to start selling from right there, that’s possible too. But question is how and what will be the better way for you.

I did brainstorming for one hour and found five ways to do this:

1.    PayPal button – If you are looking for an easy solution, you can use PayPal “buy now” button. You can use this button in a page, post or sidebar. There are two methods, Shortcode plugin and direct from PayPal site. This is very easy and you don’t need to hire anyone. Check this how you can get “buy now” button from PayPal. This plugin is helpful for creating a PayPal button using shortcode and you don’t need to go to PayPal site to create the button.

2.    Premium E-Commerce theme – There are many premium e-commerce themes in the marketplaces. You can buy a theme from marketplaces like Themeforest, Woothemes and Mojothemes. These themes have options panel so you can customize it the way you want. But if you want to add some extra features or want to make it little unique, then hire a WordPress developer.

3.    Custom E-commerce theme – If you need a unique look and feel for your store that will represent your brand and business, then you have to go for a custom theme. Hire someone who can design and develop a custom e-commerce theme.

4.    E-commerce API – This is a cloud solution, you can sell your products anywhere including your WordPress site, Facebook , Thumbler .  Ecwid and Shopify providing this service.

5.    Custom E-commerce plugin – Looking for more custom solutions? Hire a developer to code fully customize e-commerce plugin and theme for you.

These are the options you have to enable shop facilities in WordPress for your ecommerce site. You can always choose one that suits your business and budget.

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