Woocommerce, an easy eCommerce shopping cart solution for small businesses

Woocommerce is a free WordPress eCommerce toolkit which helps vendors, customers and also developers to buy or sell any products, services and digital downloads online. To build an online store or transform a WordPress website into an eCommerce site, Woocommerce is the ultimate solution. The most useful features of Woocommerce which make it an easy eCommerce shopping cart solution for small business are given below:

  • Free: Woocommerce is a free WordPress eCommerce plugin and this is the reason it suits best for a small businesses.
  • Security: Sucuri, the well known WordPress security firm ensures the top security standard of Woocommerce.
  • Easy store management: Woocommerce makes day to day management of your site easier.
  • Digital products: Woocommerce makes selling digital / downloadable products easier. You can also set different download methods for each category of products. Some products may require payment before access, some other may require logging in or you can provide some free products too.
  • Reports: You can get all the necessary performance reports of a product category or an individual product periodically.
  • Marketing and promotion: Campaign offers can be promoted by Woocommerce ,you can also encourage customers by adding a discount option or even restrict users.
  • Tax and shipping: You can create your own shipping rules by configuring the comprehensive tax setting.
  • SEO: Woocommerce helps your site to rank high in the search engine ranking because it is written in HTML5.
  • Conversion: Customers can checkout easily without any distraction in one page which increases the conversion rate.
  • Reviews and comments: There is a built in easily manageable comment system in Woocommerce review system.
  • Social marketing: Sharing a product via social media encourages new customers to come to your site and you can also offer discounts through ‘share your cart’ a social marketing toolkit.
  • Account panel: Woocommerce account panel helps customers to login and manage their orders very easily.
  • Shipping calculator: Shipping calculator gives customers the liberty to analyse the shipping costs before checking out.
  • Navigation: Users can find what they are looking for conveniently with the help of Woocommerce navigation widget.
  • Extendable: Woocommerce is an open source plugin. You can get a lot of free and premium WordPress eCommerce extensions for your store.
  • APIs: Developers can build their own shipping methods, payment gateways and other related extensions using various APIs.
  • Reference: There are ‘User Guide’, ‘Developer Reference’ and other useful sources of information and most importantly inline documentation of every file in Woocommerce.
  • Templating, hooks and filters: Developers can use the hooks and filters in Woocommerce by which they can edit the templates.
  • WordPress codebase: The Woocommerce codebase is very lightweight and reliable because it uses native WordPress functionality.

These are the features that make Woocommerce  an easy, secured, business oriented and comprehensive WordPress eCommerce toolkit from woothemes

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