UX and UI design for StrategyExpress Web App

I was hired to design strategy building and progress tracking web app called StrategyExpress. Client needed a solution so business owners can create a strategy and track status of that strategy easily and accurately. Client provided me details of exactly what problems they want to get solved, list of some alternative solutions they tried and why those were not able to fix their problems properly.

Working Process

I had to create a plan, design a complete solution and test the solution with real users to make sure it works. So, I divided the whole project in 3 phases:

1st phase was to gather information about client’s requirements and understand user’s needs. By talking with client and interviewing users, I was able to collect all the information I needed. Then I created personas and user flow to complete the project planning.

2nd phase was to create a very rough working model. At first I created wireframes and then built a prototype using those wireframes. Client was able to navigate the prototype and understand exactly what we were building. We sent the prototype to 5 users to test if they can navigate and find things easily. Based on the test results and client’s feedback, I updated the prototype to make it final skeleton of StrategyExpress web app.

The 3rd and final phase was to create pixel perfect interfaces and test usability. With proper use of colors, typography, graphics and icons, I created user interfaces (UI). Prototype was also created to test usability of the app before it was sent for development. Finally, we were able to locate usability issues and improve the overall User Experience (UX).

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